Software I use, gear I love, and other things I recommend.

Researching gear is one of my favorite forms of procrastination. Here is a list of my favorite things.


  • 13” MacBook Air, M1, 16GB RAM (2020)

    The M1 chip makes a difference. Since I do most of my work in the cloud, I don't need the most powerful workstation.

  • Logitech MX Master

    Better than any trackpad. You can move between mac window spaces seamlessly.

  • Keychron K3 Ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    Slim mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable switches.

Software for Solo Projects

  • Cloudflare

    I use it for DDoS protection, DNS, and caching static assets. Plus it allows me to avoid paying AWS $$$ in egress fees.

  • Terraform

    Infrastructure as Code makes it much easier to reuse pieces from similar projects and separate things out into dev/prod accounts.

  • Rails

    On solo projects, I'm a fan of using boring technology for boilerplate stuff. Rails allows me to ship faster. I have no good reason for choosing it over Django, other than I know it better.

  • NextJS

    For landing pages, documentation, blogs, etc. It's a wonderful React framework that powers this site.

  • TailwindCSS

    I'm no master of CSS, but I can use Tailwind to make things look less bad. I was an early adopter.

Outdoor Gear

  • Black Diamond Distance 15 Pack

    A cross between a running vest and a backpack. I can put my camera, water bottle, and snacks in the chest pouches. That way I don't have to stop for breaks as often. It can even hold an ice axe!

  • Sun Hoody

    I'm far too pale to be in the mountains all day without protection. Re-applying sunscreen is annoying. I have a couple sun hoodies by different brands.

Film Gear

  • Sony FX30

    Lightweight mirrorless cinema camera.

  • GoPro HERO9

    When the weather is terrible and all my other camera gear is packed in my bag, GoPro comes to the rescue.

Travel Stuff

  • Outlier Slim Dungarees

    I used these exclusively as my only non-hiking/climbing pants for two years. I can't imagine a better pair of casual pants.

  • Wool&Prince Henley

    Unless I'm somewhere extremely hot, this is the best travel shirt. Merino wool is the way to go.